Sunday, August 13, 2017

6 quick feng shui tips that you can apply right away

If you are recently interested in Feng Shui, its rules can be quite confusing. So today we will offer you 6 changes that you can make at home quickly and which will bring real changes you will soon see. Feng Shui actually balances the relationship between your life and the space you inhabit. Logically, right?

  1. Throw away the unnecessary items

This applies to both your home and your office. The mess and the things you do not use carry stagnant energy and interfere with changes in your life. Experts say that once you get rid of them you can split even a few pounds, and with your headache.

  1. Keep the lid of your toilet bowl closed

According to the traditional understanding of feng shui, the toilet is a channel through which good energy runs out, as well as your money. Try and see that there will be a difference.

  1. Obliterally surround your bedroom with two bedside tables

Image of bedroomThey should be located on both sides of the bed to keep the balance in your life. It is good to be carefully arranged. Another thing – even if you are alone and currently looking for your mate – once again put two lockers so the universe will understand that you are ready to accept the love in your life.

  1. Do not work with your back to the door

This position puts you at a disadvantage by losing your confidence and power and feeling constantly threatened by something. If it is impossible to change its location, place a mirror so that you can see the door.

  1. Grow plants

Plants symbolize nature, growth, creativity, and also purify the air. This is especially true if you use too much Image of plantselectronics. Here are some ideas for flowers that do not require much care:


  • Chrysanthemum
  • Chlorophyltum (also known as green lily)
  • Dracena
  • Phicus
  • Nephrollip (also known as Boston Frog)
  • The Sansevira (also known as the Snake Plant)
  • Hedoreea (also known as bamboo or mountain palm)
  • Aloe vera
  • Spatiphylum (also known as Lily of the Peace)
  1. Repair all the broken things

We all have broken things that we do not want to split or just postpone to fix. The place you inhabit is a mirror to yourself. There is a logic, is not it? Once you repair or discard the broken items that surround you, you will probably find it easier to deal with problems that have been harassing you for a long time.



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